Plant a Tree, together we'll make a FOREST!

Tree illustrations by Julie Benda

Friendship Forest - Tree Planting Party

Sat, Jun 4 at 1:00 pm, Saint Paul, MN

Friendship Forest will pair volunteers together to plant 180 trees in one day at Lower Landing in downtown St. Paul. As the teams are assisted by city arborists in the act of planting a tree, they will also be prompted with questions to get them talking about themselves. At the completion of planting, the team will tie a card to the tree and take home a certificate with their new tree and new friend’s locations. Friendship Forest will grow a connected community, enhance our cities urban canopy and physically reconnect people to the banks of the Mississippi River in a playful project.

Each tree will get an I.D. tag noting its species, name and date planted.

Each tree will get an I.D. tag noting its species, name and date planted.


the beginning of a beautiful friendship


Planting your tree is just the beginning. Just like all friendships, this relationship will involve some care, play, and joy. You will receive email reminders and updates from your tree about how it is growing, possible play dates and reminders for nourishment.  Click here or on map bellow.



University of Minnesota Department of Forest Resources - Urban Forestry Outreach, Research & Extension Lab is running an experiment to test planting practices’ ability to enhance establishment and long-term success of young trees in urban and community forests. Using this tree marker key, locate and compare how each species is doing on the above forest map.

Tree species planted and five variables
Talk to the trees